Il pianoforte (s)colpisce l’anima (The Piano Sculpts the Soul)

Carrara, 29th October 2016 – An event where music, art and dance came together to create an evocative performance of the highest level. This was a profitable show for the whole world to see how music together with dance and sculpture are universal languages. “The piano sculpts the soul”: a title which represents the idea that music as an intangible

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Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco visits the Quarries.

Carrara, 2nd August 2016 – Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco spent the morning in the sculpture workshops, the quarries and Sant’Andrea cathedral. He visited the Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo workshops together with the mayor, Angelo Zubbani, and was shown around by Franco Barattini and Luciano Massari. The Cardinal enjoyed the classical and contemporary works of art, met the craftsmen and received a

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Michelangelo’s David Painted Black.

Florence, 15th July 2016 – A universal message against violence in the wake of the attacks in Nice. A life size copy of Michelangelo’s most famous statue, made of Carrara marble, the David was revealed, lying down in the Piazza della Repubblica in the middle of Florence. The event was the highlight of Michelangelo Week, which has come about over

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A ‘Tattooed David’ for Michelangelo Week.

Florence, 13th July 2016 – During Michelangelo week 2015 (14th to 19th July) Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo placed a 1:1 scale copy of Michelangelo’s David covered in tattoos at the Central Market in San Lorenzo in Florence. The idea came from Luciano Massari, and the project was carried out by a group of young creative people from Carrara. Tattooed David

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