The Cave Michelangelo group, led by Franco Barattini and Sons, and under the technical direction of Luciano Massari, promotes the city of Carrara as a centre based on the extraction of marble and on sculpture, and runs the Studi d’Arte and Cave Michelangelo project.
The sculpture workshop is equipped for the creation of any stone work and the staff are specialists in the reproduction of classical statues as well as the creation of monuments designed by more contemporary artists. They also plan and carry out any kind of sculpture, architecture, mosaic design or restoration project. The evolution of sculpting techniques and the availability of space and materials mean that ancient traditions can be translated to the modern day. If it is requested, plaster lost mould casts can be made in clay, as can piece mould casts and silicon casts. The craftsmen look after the whole process from the beginning up to installation of the piece of work.

The Laboratorio Studi D’Arte Cave Michelangelo under the artistic direction of Luciano Massari, has been confirmed as one of the international venues of contemporary art production for years now.
The most well-loved and talked about masterpieces of the last several years have been created here, such as Cattelan’s giant middle finger, the Zidane headbutt sculpture, Paul McCarthy’s ironic and unsettling statues and, Jan Fabre’s provocative Pietas. And if the international art movement has come back to the city of Carrara it is really down to Franco Barattini, who decided to back the artistic use of marble to come back to the fore.
The sculpture workshop is specialized in the reproduction of classical statues and in the execution of the works of contemporary artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Gio’ Pomodoro, Frank Breidenbruch, Anna Chromy, Emanuele Giannetti, Dani Karavan and Hilde Van Sumere
The evolution of sculpting techniques, the space and materials allow us to maintain traditions while keeping things up to date with a modern twist.